Nurse Clinic

Weigh & Flea/Worm
This clinic is for any aged pet but predominantly is for those fast growing pups and kittens. Our nurses can weigh your pet & get your flea & worm treatments prescribed by the vet as well as answer any questions you have at all. When the little ones are growing we should reweigh them each month to ensure we treating them correctly as the preparations used go by your pets current weight. These clinics are FREE, the treatments are chargeable but if you are part of our Pet Health Plan then they are included in your monthly payments.

We offer FREE adolescent clinics which are aimed at cats and dogs approximately 5-6 months old. These clinics are great for advice on diet and neutering as well as advising on preventative healthcare.

Interim Health check

This is a general health check with a nurse, 6 months after their booster vacciantion with a vet. It is FREE to those who are members of the Pet Health Club or charged at a reduced consultation fee of £20 to those who are not part of the Health Plan.  This means your pet will receive two health checks per year and this can help to detect any abnormalities or disease processes far quicker. If referral to one of our vets is required you will need to schedule another appointment time for this.

*These are for healthy pets and these check ups are not to replace a veterinary consultation (which is priced at the standard veterinary consultation fee)

Our FREE weight clinics are for those pets who may need help shifting a few pounds or maintaining a healthy body condition. Any diets recommended would be chargeable but our nurses time is offered free.

Dental clinics are available for those who need help or advice with oral care & the best way to maintain oral health in their pet especially after dentistry. These clinics are provided FREE of charge. Any treatment or diets would be chargeable.

Senior Health
Senior health clinics are for our golden oldies from 8 years in dogs and 10 years in cats. Our nurses can provide advice on diet, behaviour, health and any mobility concerns. Discounted urine tests, blood tests & blood pressure checks are available & recommended for our aging pets. These clinics are for those pets without medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment under a veterinary surgeons care. It is recommended that senior pets have regular health checks every 6-12 months to detect early changes within the organs that commonly deteriorate as they age.

End of Life Support
It is inevitable that as your senior pet ages further there may have to be discussions about end of life care and ultimately euthanasia.

As veterinary staff, we are not "hardened" to this, we too are pet owners and feel grief as we all do, it is definitely not the easiest part of our job but at least we are able to bring your beloved pet peace at a difficult time.

Our nurses are available anytime if you need support, whether that is to talk about palliative care, advising you on when to know the time has come to say goodbye, discussing the planning of a house visit for putting your pet to sleep, what happens at the time or the options available before and after.

Above all we want to give the best support we can at a devastating time and if you need any information at all or any challenging questions answered at any stage, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our compassionate nurses offer these clinics free of charge. It is advised to book an appointment time so we can find a quieter time in the day for such a sensitive discussion.

Other Clinics Available
Dressings, nurse triage, claw clips, express anal glands, post-op checks, suture removal & microchipping.

To book in for a nurse clinic, please call the surgery to make an appointment on 01252 544244 or 01252 718128.