How to apply spot on treatment

Cat and dog spot on flea/worm/tick treatments are extremely popular due to their high level of effectiveness and often the easiest way to administer any form of parasite prevention to your cat or dog. Instructions for application may vary so you should always consult the instructions provided with the cat or dog spot on flea treatment you have purchased, however here is a general guide on how to apply a cat or dog flea spot on.

  • Try to choose a time to apply your spot on flea treatment when your pet is comfortable and relaxed (before bedtime is often a good time), always avoid having to pin any animal down to get them still enough to treat, as this will create a negative association and may make future treatments difficult to administer.

  • Also ensure any seal to treatment is broken before attempting to apply.

  • Part your cat or dogs fur at the nape of the neck so you can see the skin underneath, it is the skin that you want to apply your spot on treatment too as this is how it is absorbed into the blood stream.

  • For larger cats and dogs you will often find the dose of treatment needs to be applied on multiple areas, usually a 2-3 spots further along the spine, if this is the case your spot on flea treatment instructions will direct you to do this. This is also advisable in the case of long-haired animals.

  • Our final tip is to not squeeze the treatment out too quickly as if it is not given a few seconds to be absorbed onto the skin, the spot-on treatment will roll off the animals coat and you will have only applied part of the full dose needed to fully treat/protect your pet.