Services and Facilities

Our goal is the correct diagnosis and treatment of any problems that your pet may have.

When your pet is admitted for a day they will come into a kennel . If they are having an operation they will most likely have a premed to help them feel calm see frequently asked questions

At each site we have fully equipped operating theatre, 2 anaesthetic machines in each.

Each site has a digital x ray machine  for looking at bones and internal organs.

We also have an ultrasound machine that can be used to look at internal organs in more detail.

We have a blood pressure monitor, vital for monitoring older cats.

We have endoscopes for looking directly into the stomach.

Each site has a lab where we can perform diagnostic tests on urine samples and blood tests. We also send blood away to an external lab for more complex analysis. For urgent cases  results are received on the same day.

Both surgeries have excellent dental equipment. Dental disease is one of the most common problems we encounter. One of our nurses or Pet Health counsellors can advise on dental care

We offer the following services:


Repeat prescriptions (48 hours notice required)

Operations – neutering, other surgery

X rays – digital



Othopaedic surgery



Pet Health Counsellor clinics


Puppy parties

Dog training

Weight loss

Insurance – advice and filling in your form and posting it free of charge

Written prescriptions – a small charge for each prescription.

House visits – Can be organised. We usually need two days notice or so. It is not ideal for us to examine or treat your pet in your home as it is impossible for us to bring all the equipment and drugs with us that we have access to in the surgery. We also find that often the light in domestic houses is not as good and this makes it more difficult for us to examine your pet.

For euthanasia we do often do house visits, again a couple of days notice is preferable.

Please be aware there is an extra charge for a house visit

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