Nurse Clinics

Free Nurse Advice Clinics:

Here at Castle Vets Ltd we have fully trained Pet Health Counsellor’s (PHC’S). This means they are specially trained in giving practical advice on all aspects of nutrition and preventative health care. These include basic and clinical nutrition, basic behaviour of the cat and dog and dental care. They have comprehensive knowledge on the Royal Canin range of veterinary diets and can offer you valuable advice on feeding specialist diets to your cat or dog.

All our PHC’s provide FREEnurse advice clinic’s through the week and are always pleased to advise on preventative healthcare, as a practice we feel it is in your pet’s interest to do so.

Youth Club  is designed for our younger patients aged 5-6 months as a follow up to their primary vaccinations. It is a chance to receive advice from our PHC on various topics such as vaccinations, neutering, microchipping, pet insurance and parasite control, as well as asking any questions you may have about puppy or kitten care like grooming and oral care.

Chubby Checkers  is a weight clinic especially for our larger patients who need a helping hand to shift those extra pounds! Neutered dogs are at double the risk of obesity than un-neutered dogs. Your PHC can advise you on a diet and exercise plan for your pet. You will be allocated a PHC who will be with you all the way and will meet up with you and your cat or dog, initially every four weeks, to give you continued support and a complete service.

Bright Smilesis our dental hygiene clinic. Our PHC will offer a dental check and advice on oral care. Approximately  over 85% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 suffer from dental disease or periodontal disease . It is the most common disease in dogs and cats.

Keep Movingis specifically for our older patients suffering from mobility issues. You can receive advice on lifestyle changes, dietary support and medication. Initially we recommend meeting up with your PHC every two to four weeks for these clinics.


Please note any microchipping, claw clipping and flea and worm treatments will be charged at the normal rate but all our time and valuable advice is totally free! Occasionally a PHC may feel the need to refer you and your pet to the veterinary surgeon and a reduced consultation fee maybe payable.

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