One of the biggest concerns pet owners have is their animal going under an anaesthetic and the risks involved.

At both our Farnham and Farnborough surgeries we use SevoFlow.

SevoFlow (sevoflurane) is the same gas that they use in a lot of human surgery, even with babies. This is because it is much safer to use, and enters and leaves the body system much faster, so your pet wakes up quicker and feels much less groggy when they do.

It is considered safer than other inhilatory anaesthetics after many safety studies have been carried out, which have shown dogs exposed to SevoFlo for a total of 30 hours over a period of 14 days had no renal toxicity.

The gas is also much less irritating on the airways and has a sweeter smell, with a minimised odour, so pets which need to be masked have a far more pleasant experience, which reduces stress greatly.

The gas is finely calibrated which enables our surgeons and nursing staff to administer a far more tailored depth of anaestheitc for each individual animal, which is particulalry useful with higher risk patients, such as the very old and the very young.

 We are also very proud to be one of the only practises in the area which uses this anaesthetic which promotes safer surgery due to minimising the risks associated with traditional anaesthetics.

Please call us or pop into either branch for more information or if you have concerns about anaesthetic or to pick up an information leaflet on SevoFlow.

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