Winter Survival Guide for Small Pets

As the temperature drops, we have to think about keeping our small pets safe and warm. Here are some tips to keep your rabbits, guinea pigs etc happy:

  • Position hutches so that wind, rain, snow or sleet can’t blow in
  • If possible, move the hutch somewhere sheltered, such as a shed or garage. Do not move them into a garage if you park your car in there as the fumes can be fatal. Guinea pigs particularly should be inside during the winter months if possible
  • If you cannot move your pets inside, try covering the front of the hutch with a thick blanket or old duvet, and provide them with extra straw to snuggle up in
  • Check their water bottle regularly to check it’s not frozen, and ensure the ball can still move. You can get bottle covers to help prevent freezing, but you will still need to check them regularly
  • Add extra vegetables as a treat too, which will give them extra moisture
  • Even when it’s cold and wet, your pet will still need access to their run to exercise regularly
  • Cold pets need more calories to keep warm so give them lots of good quality hay to nibble on
  • During the winter, foxes and badgers get even hungrier, which makes them bolder than usual. Make sure your hutch is secure and sturdy enough to survive the attention of a determined predator

If you are worried about your pets at all, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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